Thursday, March 26, 2009

Melie Bianco

I was surfing through Piperlime, which lamentably doesn't yet let you sort by vegan goodies. Nonetheless, I was clicking on cute and affordable bags, in the hopes that some of them would turn out to not have animal products. Many of those I clicked happened to be by designer Melie Bianco, and I noticed time and time again they were synthetic. Curious, I mosied on over to the designer's website - lo and behold, they're purposely vegan.

I just received my new Matt & Nat purse last night (picked to house my new Kindle), and owe you reviews of it and my briefcase. So perhaps it is too soon to invest in one of Melie's creations - a delicious blend of ladylike and professional. In the meantime, I seek reviews from readers who might be fans.

I also implore those of you with a Kindle 2 to let me know what you're using as a case, and how it works. So far an outer pocket on my purse is my only solution - yet I am still having visions of dropping it while reading on the subway.