Friday, April 5, 2013

Paul Rudnick: “WonderPlanet”

The New Yorker

A parody of Park Slope mommyhood.  As is usual with the New Yorker, some of it goes over my head.  It's . .  amusing nonetheless. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Petit Vour New cruelty-free beauty subcription service

I've already signed up for Ipsy and Beauty Box 5, but those are in the past. Now there's an all-vegan service that is launching soon. They just got the 100 e-mail subscribers needed to launch the service, so they're now arranging the first few months products with their brand partners. For those of you unfamiliar with these services, you spend $10-$25 per month to get a box with a handful of deluxe samples. Usually (hopefully) this isn't the little foil packets you get when shopping online or at the mall, but rather a smaller sized version of the full product. If you're anything like me, it's enough. I almost never actually use a whole product. If I do, it means I've discovered something great. I also love when the makeup is sample sized, so I can include it in my on the go and travel kits. Yes, I do my makeup on the subway (hides head in shame). A lot of them also have one full sized product each month - I have definitely gotten full sized body scrubs, eye pencils, lip pencils, hairbrush/mirror compacts and vegan makeup brush from EcoTools from these companies. I'm in a stage of trying to buy much, much less (hence the shift in focus from shoes on this blog, and relative quiet) but this is a great way to still get that little excitement of a package in the mail and new things without spending a fortune on full-sized products. I have certainly gotten my money's worth in the past. I think consumers benefit from the cross-promotional pricing. Well, now you can participate without the worry that a non-vegan product will sneak in! I'll be blogging here as I get my packages. Find them at and