Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Te Casan - Natalie Portman

The line is strictly vegan.

The photo to the left is my purple pair, it also comes in black (pictures available via link below). Suffice it to say that these are the shoes that inspired this blog, and many subsequent and expensive purchases at the Te Casan boutique in SoHo.

They're peep-toe shoes, with a fabric bow in the front that is attached in the sides and manages not to be too twee. The remainder of the shoe is patent-leather style material, in other words, fairly stain and water resistant.

They're the hot accent color for this season, and if you're a little bold, as I am, can take you from work to play. Most importantly, they're the most unbelievably balanced shoes I've ever worn. Even with that formidable nearly 4" heel, they manage to be comfortable for reasonable walks. I've been known to keep wearing them for shopping jaunts even with a pair of flats in my bag. A poster on another blog stated she finds this line as comfortable as the Manolo Blahniks from her pre-vegan days. Speaking only for this pair of shoes, I'm ashamed to admit I can say the same.

I loved the purple pair so much I went back to Te Casan and bought it in black. Their website is down right now, but Endless.com is selling the black version right now.

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