Thursday, November 18, 2010

Aldo Shoes

I've owned a pair of simple ballet flats from Aldo for a while. There happens to be a store in my neighborhood, and I found them while bored and browsing one day. I wear them a lot - they're simple and comfortable. They don't hold up on the days when I walk 2 miles or more (a lot of them!) but work just fine for when I use the subway or stay nearby.

Since I heard VegWeb and Alicia Silverstone's Kind Life blog mention them, I realized they do carry a larger than average number of vegan shoes, like these. A great option for those who like buying shoes in-person and don't live near Moo Shoes or similar!

Another tip - if your workplace is casual enough for boots, I have found that a lot of mid-end boots are vegan. Maybe the larger size makes leather too costly? Oddly enough, a lot of discount chains use leather - perhaps they think they need the perception of quality? Worth looking into if you haven't taken a peek in the boots aisle in your basic Nine West or DSW lately.

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