Monday, January 30, 2017


After purchasing my first coat from Hoodlamb, I was hooked. I'll be adding reviews, and hopefully video reviews, of other apparel I have purchased from them as soon as possible. Let me know if there is something specific you want reviewed. Hoodlamb is a vegan clothing company located in the Netherlands. They have a US online store that ships from a warehouse in California. Although they have an alternative address, I have returned things to them, and the warehouse is in Compton. Bill Clinton bragged about starting his office in Harlem, so I'm not sure why they're shying away from sharing that information. I'm a lifelong New Yorker, and I dress like it. I'm the one showing up in a little black dress when everyone else in in jeans, and this has always been reflected in my outerwear. I have a small collection of faux-fur and felt formal coats, but always find myself chilly and spending as little time as possible outdoors. Well, I'm getting way too old and smart for that. I decided that it was finally time to buy myself a solidly warm winter coat, the kind that people wear in Alaska and Antarctica. My first stop was the traditional outerwear companies, many of which now stock down alternatives like Primaloft. However, when I stumbled upon a review for Hoodlamb, I was hooked. They make the coats for the Sea Shephard activists, who have to stay warm on boats in the frigid Antarctic waters. Their coats are very heavy - hey are made of hemp and recycled materials, not primaloft. If you are looking for something light and fluffy, this isn't it. But there are good reasons to opt for Hoodlamb if this is not an issue for you. First of all, they are ridiculously comfortable. They are lined with faux fur, and this is not cheap acrylic stuff. If is isanely soft. I've beeen known to snuggle up with it even when warm at home. Secondly, they have a lot of pockets: a sunglass pocket lined with the right cloth, hidden pockets inside, extra ones on the breast, and satifur lined hand-warmer pockets. Third of all, they have thumbholes, which means drafts don't go up the sleeeves, and your wrists stay toasty. Lastly, they're just damn warm. Which model to get? Well, that's compliated. I'll review that very soon. Keep in mind they're European, so there is no American ego sizing. I can fit into a size 10 and even a Medium in some American brands, but I am firmly an XL in most (not all) Hoodlamb products. Their size charts are key, but do keep in mind they are measured on the *outside* of the garment, so if it is thick, you need to add some inches.

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